finally i have returned

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finally i have returned

Post by IURSHOWERBUDDYI on Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:03 pm

Everyone knows the Hulk the gigantic green powerhouse himself. As you would probably be able to tell he 
is able to get high damage output with low amount of input.Hulks movement is not that great unless you 
have a proper setup. getting around with him can be fairly simple with proper assist. assist i suggest stranges 
- bolts of balthakk, and dooms palsma beam. call an assist and then gamma charge to get closer but be careful
 not to get happy birthday.

Hulks combo capability is not very big again without proper assist. he can do alot of damage with charetars
assist like sentinal rocket punch. Hulk has an otg but its not that useful bbut im sure you could find use for 
it i just never cared for it to much but it has not done me good.

Hulks dhc ability is good with certain people. Gamma tsunami can be dhc into people with gun and beam hypers
some decent ones are dante's million dollars, deadpools trigger happy,etc. gamma crush could be dhc'd into 
if your using like a close or cinematic hyper.

hulks normals are fairly slow but some of them have super armor so that is a bonus 
his specials are gamma wave (otg capability)
gamma charge (super armor) can be continued with L,M,or H
anti air gamma charge.^

Pros i Consider :
Kane Blue River

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