Ibuki Matchups

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Ibuki Matchups

Post by Breadwp on Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:09 am

Main Strengths 

  1. Safe Untechable Knock Down Mix-Ups (AKA Vortex) 
    CR MP into Knockdown Buffers 

Main Weaknesses 

  1. Anti Airing 
    Ridiculously Slow Air Normals 
    Knockdown Mix-Up Vulnerability 

Now, where her knock-down mix-up is applicable and safe, she is always in with a good chance of winning that match up. However, where her weaknesses are all heavily exploited in a single match-up she is in serious trouble. And finally, where she is unable to apply her safe mix-ups safely or effectively and her weaknesses are at the same time significantly exploited, she looses significantly. 


IBUKI vs RYU – 5.5/4.5 Ryu wins ground game with stronger and faster normals. However. He can also apply jump-in pressure on her knock down relatively safely. His vulnerability on knock-down however is too severe. It is too easy to keep him pinned down. 

IBUKI vs KEN – 5.5/4.5 The ground game is fairly even and again this char is very vulnerable to the knockdown but his knockdown game is far better than Ryu's which is the only thing that prevents this from being a solid 6-4 

IBUKI vs HONDA – 4/6 Vortex is effective but impossible to pin him down due to variety of escape options. In his favour he deals insane damage, has a very effective free jump in (Jump mp) and safe reversals. His risk reward is too heavily in his favour and I find for once, Ibuki has to work harder than her opponent to deal damage. lol ;-D 

IBUKI vs MAKOTO – 5/5 a volatile match up where the momentum is key. Ibuki's 3 frame jap makes a lot of things unsafe for Makoto. U2 makes it more risky for ibuki to apply vortex pressure and damage output is insane. Also a tricky char for Ibuki to consistently anti air. 

Ibuki vs Dudley - 6/4 A ground game that is considerably in her favour followed by a focus back-dash Dudley struggles to punish makes it very tricky for him over all. On top of that the vortex is completely safe and he has limited escape options. His ex duck offers an answer but can be punished severely with OS options. Only when cornered does Ibuki truly feel at a disadvantage in this one 

Ibuki vs Seth - 4.5/5.5 A complete blood thirsty momentum based brutality of a match up. In seth's corner are the free jump-ins, safe knock-down jump in mix-ups and the usual risk reward madness. He also has an amazing back dash making it very difficult to pin him down with Kunai vortex. Not to mention his teleport. In Ibuki's corner we have jump mk os neck break but he even has answers for this. His health gives her a good chance and the kunai mix-up is relatively safe. But Seth simply has to work significantly less than Ibuki does in order to win this. However, she is not as easy to zone as he would like and her projectile nullifications are scary too for his sonic boom game. She can guess right once and he could be dead n seconds, evening this one out a little bit. 

IBUKI vs GOUKEN – 5/5 I really want to call this 6-4 to Gouken. Ibuki has to play a very gutsy game here and he has the better ground game of the two. 5-5 purely on the theory that he has to guess. He has no safe option to escape the mix-up. But his reward when he guesses right is considerably worth the risk 

IBUKI vs AKUMA – 5/5 Free jump ins & an awesome neutral game. He really tests her. But on knockdown if she reads his escape well and punishes it can very quickly turn in her favour. She can also evade a lot of his standard mix-ups with cr mk and command dash. 

IBUKI vs GEN – 5/5 Two vortex monsters. Gen wins ground game and has a very effective free jump-in (Jump mk crane stance, angled correctly) but struggles to anti air her. He can also U1 the kunai mix-up so vortex not always safe. But he is vulnerable to jump-ins and his health is very poor 

IBUKI vs DAN – 6/4 His light tatsu trap is evadable with Cr MK. He has no reliable way out of vortex other than U2 to counter the kunai. He also looses the ground game. But solid shoryu keeps her movement humble. 

IBUKI vs SAKURA – 5/5 She is very vulnerable to the vortex as her focus dash is very slow and punishable. Anti airing is reliable too, However, a solid ground game and insane damage means ibuki is always on the verge of death. it can go either way. 

IBUKI vs ONI – 5/5 Has some interesting vortex escape options but all in all often has to guess as his focus dash is very slow and punishable. His fireball game & damage output & great normals make up for it well. 

IBUKI vs YUN – 4/6 Free jump in, multiple vortex escapes, wins the ground game slightly and very effective dive kick mix-up on ibuki's knockdown. In her favour he cannot cancel his reversal. However, pre emptive Jump air throw beats all free jump-ins for Ibuki except for Yuns because his dive kick brings him down too quickly. 

IBUKI vs JURI – 5.5/4.5 Tricky one for me to judge. She has some interesting answers to the vortex but all relatively punishable. Her neutral game and fee jump-in make it closer than I would like 

IBUKI vs CHUN-LI – 5.5/4.5 Chun wins the ground game quite convincingly but easily punished projectiles and safe ambiguous jump LK make it very hard for her. Would be 6-4 to ibuki if not for Chun's very advantageous ground game. 

IBUKI vs DHALSIM – 6/4 He can most definitely keep her out but numerous jump ark alterations and vortex make this a match Ibuki takes the advantage in. if not for his Jump MP this would be a clean 7/3. 

IBUKI vs ABEL – 5/5 - Can jump on him for free. But no reliable answer to his knockdown mix up. Due to penguin kick command, If she decides to reversal and he's on the other side penguin comes out and gets counter hit. On the other hand, he must use meter to escape vortex due to effective OS's and very slow focus back-dash. 

IBUKI vs C.VIPER – 5/5 Another blood thirsty momentum based girl on girl action encounter. She has some annoying safe wake up options vs mix ups but neutral game is very fightable for Ibuki and can really do damage in open play with CR MK under burn kicks too. 

IBUKI vs DICTATOR – 4/6 Arguable her most difficult match up. Where he struggles to anti air most of the cast, st hk is quite reliable vs ibuki's jump in and not only can he escape the vortex, he can also punish it with U2 and sometimes delayed EX Psycho! Wins the ground game convincingly and more often than not his reversals are safe. Only thing saving her is a single jump lk os neck break that punishes every wake up option bar one.It punishes include back teleport, Front teleport, ex psycho and ex scissors. But it's a one frame jump in. Ha ha... so pretty tough 

IBUKI vs SAGAT – 6/4 Projectile nullification options, "tiger uppercut bait" jump-ins with instant kunai. Jump hard kick to evade trade uppercut f-HK if he reacts and a completely safe vortex on his knockdown. His normals and damage output make it challenging none the less. Without meter the fireball game is extremely effective due to her huge jump ark. 

IBUKI vs CAMMY – 3.5/6.5 Three different variations of free jump-ins. Two of which do not require any meter. Midscreen unblockable off back throw and an annoyingly rapid Focus back-dash/forward-dash that escapes numerous mix-ups. ex cannon and ex spin knuckle also useful for escaping vortex but can both be punished on reaction. In ibuki's aid the vortex is completely safe. If not for this then it would be a clean 7/3 to Cammy. Ground game heavily in Cammy's favour also. 

IBUKI vs DEEJAY – 5/5 Vortex unsafe vs deejay due to very effective up-kick escape options often actually hitting. Ground game and projectile punishments favour ibuki but deejay's vortex is completely safe and effective. And with no reliable vortex of her own vs him the match becomes fairly even. 

IBUKI vs CODY – 5.5/4.5 A competitive and somewhat even ground game. Vortex completely safe on his knockdown and all escapes easily punishable. U2 punishes her sweep however and damage output means he only needs to hit her twice to stun. safe vortex gives her the edge 

IBUKI vs GUY – 5/5 vortex effective but tricky to make safe vs his ex run and his ex up kick due to the tall hit box on it. Neutral game is fairly even. 

IBUKI vs HAKAN – 5.5/4.5 Oil makes kunai very risky as he can actually focus cancel and punish her. His normals are very effective but unsafe. His U2 also punishes all of Ibuki's jump mix-ups including kunai. Her air target combos destroy all of his focus cancel attempts as they are 2 hits. She can be very effective without kunais in this one 

IBUKI vs YANG – 4.5/5.5 Free jump in, effective vortex escapes and a solid ground game. Unfortunately for him his damage output is so limited that she always has a chane. None the less Yang edges this one for me as he can control her quite well 

IBUKI vs E.RYU – 5.5/4.5 No reliable vortex escape for e.ryu as his teleport is very very slow and easy to react to. Neutral game is fairly even. This would be a clean 6-4 to ibuki if it wasn't for his insane damage output. Narou hit me with one combo into a reset that stunned and I died from Yellow bar health multiple times. 

IBUKI vs GUILE – 6.5/3.5 Undoubtedly her best match up. He can definitely keep her out but the variety of vortex options she has on his knock down are too severe and all ridiculously safe. Including mid-screen unblockables. her mobility also make it tricky to sonic boom her. U2 and slide can also nullify sonic boom game. 

IBUKI vs BLANKA – 4.5/5.5 Can punish all of his balls and mix him up 
relatively safely util he has U2. He also has EX rainbow ball which offers a great escape. She can't do ambiguous jump lk when he has bars either. without meter she really batters him making this only slightly in Blanka's favour. Ground game is fairly even. 

IBUKI vs ZANGIER – 4/6 Free Jump ins. What? Why? Are you kidding me? He has free jump ins on her too? FML this is such a frustrating match up. He wins the ground game due to the hit boxes on cr lp and st lk. she has normals that beat them but they are very very whiff punishable. Jump kunai can beat lariet if meaty but this very same kunai can be back dashed into guaranteed ultra 1. The kunai that can not be punished by back dash ultra can however be beaten by wake up lariet. She has a 1 frame safe jump lk on his wake up but if missed he gets her into his vortex which she has no reliable answer to. 

IBUKI vs RUFUS - 5-5 His free jump in on Ibuki is effective but air throwable. LP snake strike to escape mix-ups with a reset but very punishable if baited. vortex completely safe however which makes it a very high reward minimal risk option. Ground game in Ibuki's favour but must be wary of free jump-in at all times. She also has No OS crouch tech normals to counter dive kick mix up. 

IBUKI vs EL FUERTE – 5.5/4.5 Not a solid 6/4 due to his effective vortex and her minimal health. U1 counters kunai and ex run cancel into U2 counters her jump mk/lk mix up. Big hit box however so very vulnerable to max damage combos. Ibuki's Cr MK often helps to whiff his command grabs and cross up splash. Fierce Command dash evades many mix-ups also. 

IBUKI vs CLAW/VEGA – 4.5/5.5 Undoubtedly her most unwinnable ground game. And her large jump makes it easy for him to anti air. One thing saving her is the fact that her vortex is completely safe. But his focus dash is so fast even then he can get away if she isn't absolutely ready. Also, U2 offers him one get out of jail free card every round. He also has a very good free jump-in on her (Jump FP) 

IBUKI vs BOXER – 4/6 Maybe her next most difficult ground game after Claw. Ex Rush punch gets him out of 90% of her mix ups. Delayed ex rush upper can auto-correct against kunai mix up and hit, resulting in serious damage to Ibuki's limited health. This makes the mix-up a little bit risky. Rush punch 1 frame punishable if spaced poorly due to Ibuki's awesome 3 frame jab. Good distance on his focus back dash so he can escape mix ups relatively safely even without meter. 

IBUKI vs FEI LONG – 5/5 I always had this down as 5.5 in Fei's favour but after my recent set with Mago I realised she can give fei a hell of a lot of trouble. Though Fei Long has many escapes when knocked down, all are punishable if the Ibuki is thinking ahead. Also, a mid-screen unblockable, though vulnerable to delayed burn kick, is very scary to fight against. He has similar set-ups on her knock-down and can punish her sweep on block from almost any distance with Rekka. He wins the ground game but can be given a very hard time on knock-down. P.S... I won that set vs Mago 5-1 ;-) 

IBUKI vs T.HAWK – 5.5/4.5 Jump air throw really punishes his every air based manoeuvre which really limits his usual game plan and leads to a safe mix up. His health however, makes it very challenging to kill him and his damage out put once he has Ibuki down is insane. That aside I feel Ibuki just about edges this one. P.S nurf condor spire. That move is too broken. Should not be invincible at all or so safe! Good grief! 

IBUKI vs ADON – 5/5 Free jump (Jump-In Delayed air Jaguar) in and very fast focus dash make this match a challenge. He wins the ground game also but the fact that her vortex is safe really helps to limit his dominance in this match up. Also, his health is surprisingly low for a muay thai character so this also makes the risk reward of the Kunai Vortex somewhat broken. 

IBUKI vs ROSE – 6/4 Though rose dominates the ground game here, her susceptibility to mix-ups really costs her a lot in this one. Her projectile game is easily punishable along with her sweep on block (U2) so it is an up hill battle from the get go. she does have some interesting free jump-in angles but these aren't consistent and don't seem reliable. It is also absolutely safe to apply pressure on her wake up providing ibuki times her cr lp well because rose's reversals are all very slow and punishable.

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Re: Ibuki Matchups

Post by Retpetty on Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:04 am

wow some great info and views of the matchups Smile i really wanna get back to using ibuki, shes so much fun, and a ninja!!!

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