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Doctor Doom Basics Empty Doctor Doom Basics

Post by IURSHOWERBUDDYI on Mon Sep 30, 2013 5:44 pm

Doom General

Doom as a whole is a solid character. He has amazing air mobility, his ground mobility is not too great. If you want to get around one of the things you will need to master is the triangle dash. Triangle dashing is a must have with doom with his less than favorable ground movement.(Triangle dashing is not only limited to doom another character who has one is Magneto.) Triangle dashing smoothly will take time to master, but once you have it will make you 100% better with any character who has one in their arsenal. But back to doom, like I said doom is solid, his combos are damaging and fairly simple to do it doesnt take to much time to learn them. One of the ones you should know it is one of his more simple ones is the one i showed you already but in case you missed it ,

crL>crM>crH>S>jump>M>M>forward H>S>Land>M> forward H>Jump>M>M>forward H>S>Land>M>Forward H> jump >M>M>Forward H>S>land>Lvl 3

this simple BnB should net you  around 1 million damage killing most of the cast.


Some of Doom's strong sides are his medium zoneing game. His plasma beam has very good projectile durability. The finger lasers are a good spacing tool if you're are trying to get an opponet of you and recooperate.  Molecular sheild is a special that is very unsafe i would avoid throwing it out randomly it is really punishble , dont get me wrong it has a place in certain combos but as a random super refrain from using like the finger lasers. Hidden missles is a super that is EXTREMELY unsafe , it is good when you down a charater shoot a missle and provides a good set up for a cross up. Dont throw it out randomly your opponet will punish you almost 100% of the time. if you are dying to do it throw out a beam assist to back you up. Plasma beam can also fits into one of his simple BnB instead of his Lvl 3. the combo would be...

crL>crM>crH>S>jump>M>M>forward H>S>Land>M> forward H>Jump>M>M>forward H>S>Land>M>Forward H> jump >M>M>Forward H>S>dash down> Plasma beam > Photon array


Dooms Assits are very dominant. if you played MVC2 the molecular shield assist is not as good in this game as it is in MVC2. This game dooms most used assist is by far hidden missles, it provides a lock down assist it is also a good spacing tool for those who play zoning. the most popular use for this assist is Chris G's morri/doom team. plasma beam is a good beam assist it has decent projectile durability and is good for providing back up on certain mix-ups. I used this assist as a base for a cross up with wesker,and strange, characters with teleports. molecular shield in MY PERSONAL OPINION is probably his worst assist . I can't find an proper use for this assist in my game plan so i have nothing to say about it .

Some pros i suggest watching are:
NY Chris G
Filipino champ
Marlin pie

Here are some best of the best doom combos

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Doctor Doom Basics Empty Re: Doctor Doom Basics

Post by Breadwp on Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:59 pm

Good basic stuff there.   One thing I would like to add for that combo is to add in the whiffed MM after the second Foot Dive and add the tri-dashes.   Or doom cant do that combo.

Oh! if you want to follow a pro who is good with doom.  Clockwork is a must.  One thing to notice is his butter gun combo that he uses when he is cornered which puts the opponent in the corner.  Very good stuff.

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