Cammy help needed

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Cammy help needed Empty Cammy help needed

Post by Retpetty on Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:35 pm

So after agreeing with Scorpion to master cammy for a mirror match i need all the help and advice anyone may have on her.

Lastnight i spent 2 hours in ranked matches trying to learn her and didnt win a single match, the matchmaking wouldnt match me to anyone that was same skill so i had to do any (my downfall).

Anyhow ive gotten most of her moves sorted, its the combos and getting punished thats killing me. I have tended to use fierce kick alot for that sweep and 8/10 times i get owned by shoto characters.

Basically just need some ideas for tactics and combos or little tricks anyone knows Smile


Cammy help needed Cammy-sf4style

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